Planning a Successful Open House

If you’re having an open house, it’s important to dress your home for success!
open house

Open houses are slowly starting to make a comeback in Kamloops, but they’re not always necessary as they can sometimes attract unqualified buyers or those who are just curious.

There are instances though where an open house can lure that perfect buyer or perhaps spark a bidding war. It can also motivate buyers to act quickly if they know there’s an open house coming.

If you and your agent decide that an open house is the way to go, it’s important to get it right so here are a few tips that’ll help dress your home for success:

Lighten Up

Open up the windows and blinds to let in as much fresh air and natural light as possible. Flowers also brighten things up and they’re a great way to draw attention to features such as a bay window.

Nothing Personal

Potential buyers shouldn’t feel as though they’re intruding so remove any personal items such as family photos or the kids’ artwork that’s hanging on the fridge.

Back It Up

Showcasing the beauty of your backyard is important as buyers, now more than ever, are looking for a tranquil outdoor space to relax in so cut the grass, trim the hedges and clear away any clutter.


If you have an open house in the winter or on a dark rainy day, be sure to showcase your garden by displaying photos of your yard during the spring, summer and fall when it’s at its best.

Spread the Word

Tell the neighbours about your upcoming open house so that they can spread the word to any friends and/or family members who might be interested in moving to the area.

The Nose Knows

Baking cookies just before an open house will leave a pleasant aroma that’ll remind people they’re in a loving family home rather than just a house. You can even leave some out for your visitors to enjoy!

Get Out!

It’s always best if the homeowners aren’t around during an open house as potential buyers need to be able to relax and envision themselves living in your home while also feeling comfortable enough to voice their objections.

On the day of your open house, your home should be sparkling clean and completely de-cluttered. You only get one chance to make a winning first impression when you open your doors and showcase your home to potential buyers, so it’s important to take the time and do it right.

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